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New Capital Enterprise Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan is an established Human Resource, Consultancy with a proven track record specializing in the short-listing, recruitment and placement of Pakistani manpower of various professionally Highly qualified/ experienced, skilled and unskilled categories to Gulf, Middle East, and European Countries.

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Get employment oppertunities in Malaysia with our Skill development to Flying Process.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Top Overseas Jobs, Fly to Dubai with Blue or White Collar oppertunities.


Best Job Recruitments in Qatar & Doha with demanding manpower for all the Sectors.


We are Top supplier in following overseas rcuitements.

More than 4,100 People Deployed read more


More than 12,800 People Deployed read more


More than 1400 People Deployed read more


More than 2,500 People Deployed read more


More than 3,000 People Deployed read more


More than 750 People Deployed read more

South Africa

More than 400 People Deployed read more


More than 350 People Deployed read more

This is very difficult for anyone to find the right Manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan. Almost every person wants to visit abroad to earn money. There are many hurdles that a man faces during this process for finding a job.

New Capital Enterprises Overseas Employment Promoter

People who want to go abroad for work should have to choose the right agency for Manpower recruitment. Because this step is very important to find a comfortable life in the future. Our Manpower Recruitment Agency or Firm is offering an easy and comfortable life in all the countries.

People who want to go abroad for work should have to choose the right agency for Manpower recruitment. Because this step is very important to find a comfortable life in the future. Our Manpower Recruitment Agency or Firm is offering an easy and comfortable life in all the countries.

Some people want to go to European countries, some want Arabian countries just according to the requirements. Our organization is dealing with the recruitment of manpower in all such countries. We are recruiting manpower to UAE especially for the reasonable costs.

People want to go UAE due to multiple reasons like handsome salary packages, less difficulty in getting access, etc. Due to our agency recruiting manpower to UAE, everyone can get access and all the related countries of this region.

Recruitment Agencies In Pakistan

We are also ranked in the top 10 international recruitment agencies due to multiple reasons. Many reasons make our firm reasonable for such a huge post. We have previous records of successful persons who have gone to such countries through our services.

Also, our firm ensures the proper job for all persons just according to the requirements. We are also recruiting nurses as well as recruiting Government professionals for all the countries.

Manpower recruitment has become a very common business in Pakistan. Many recruiting agencies in Pakistan are not eligible to meet the desired services. But there are also such agencies that offer manpower recruitment work in all the countries.

Our agency is one of those agencies that provide the client with a specific way to work and live comfortably. The main office of our firm is situated mainly in Islamabad and providing an easy way to access for everyone.

New capital is one of the best recruitment agencies all over Pakistan especially situated in recruitment agencies in Islamabad. As the capital enterprise is considered the top-ranked recruitment agency but New capital has extra features to this agency also.

There are many international manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan but many of them have a lack of benefits. Some of these agencies offer manpower recruitment in a low budget. As a result, these agencies are placing at a low rank among other Manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan.

The best way to check the feasibility of the manpower recruitment agency is to look at the history of such agencies. Many agencies provide staffing recruitment while others offer some kind of factory recruitment.

But New capital is providing all types of recruitment in all countries. Our firm is placed among the top-ranked agencies that are recruiting manpower to UAE and other countries. In this way, our firm is ranking at the top of all such agencies recruiting manpower to UAE.

UAE Recruitment Agencies

There are many agencies that are recruiting manpower to UAE especially. The main focus of all such agencies is the UAE and other Arabian countries. These firms do not deal with other countries properly. But our recruiting agency is also placing above all such agencies as well.

The main focus of our agency is neither the UAE nor any specific country. But we also have a good reputation among such firms as well as other international recruiting agencies. The reason behind this popularity is the progress that we have gained with honesty and sincerity.

We have well educated and well aware staff that finds the job in all countries and recruit manpower to all such countries. Our firm has a panel of people under the name job hiring agency in Pakistan that provide client proper job in abroad

We are hiring for our top Clients from last 20 years.

Find the Perfect Manpower around the World

We Feel Pleasure to Introduce Our Trade Test Centre Namely New Capital Trade & Training Centre at Swabi Kpk. We generally promote the working skills of general workers from unskilled to skilled through our technical Institute as per Gulf standard.

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