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Factory Manufacturing Recruitment

New Capital Enterprise is the recruitment agency working for 20 years.

Our agency has become the best recruitment agency in these 20 years.

The main reason behind this success is the hard-working of the whole family of the agency.

Why New Capital Enterprises is the best?

New Capital Enterprise is offering Factory Manufacturing Recruitment services in Pakistan now. We are not offering jobs only in Pakistan but also dealing with jobs in other countries. Our agency has different teams dealing with different departments of the business.

We are neither dealing with one specific phase of business nor a specific country. We are dealing with all types of jobs in all countries. We have different teams of experts dealing with every field of life.

There are many agencies dealing with Factory Manufacturing Recruitment services in Pakistan. But many of these are not reliable due to certain reasons. Ne capital is providing services in manufacturing recruitment as well as for other purpose recruitment. 

We provide enough facilities to our clients in both the situation either they are getting jobs nationally or internationally. We recruit people through a special method. For instance, we take an interview of the applicant and recognize either he is eligible for the post or not.

Moreover, if the person does not feel comfortable for the job then we suggest a new job through our platform. In this way, we keep our standards high and according to the international framework.

Due to these purposes, we are ranked among the top-ranking agencies in the world. Also, our agency is approved by the government and has won many awards from the government as well as from international organizations.

Our agency has a record of the previous work and recruited manpower to the Middle East and North America mostly. Also, we have worked with well-known factories and recruited manpower for manufacturing as well as for other purposes to these factories.