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Oil and Gas Recruitment

Oil & Gas

The Upstream sector is the part of the oil and natural gas industry

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Petroleum Jobs & Careers

The Oil and Gas Recruitment business is growing day by day.

Due to the huge consumption of oil in every filed of life, oil and gas have become the most used fuel in recent past years.

Almost every recruitment agency is working on this project.

Many countries are recruiting manpower for quick working on such projects. There are many oil and gas recruitment agencies in Pakistan. These agencies recruit manpower to such countries where jobs for oil and gas fields are available.

The sole focus of such companies is on this particular field. All such agencies do not deal with other fields and countries. They only recruit people in such countries where they find oil and gas companies.

New Capital Enterprises Employment Agency In Pakistan

Our firm is also dealing with this field and recruiting people to different countries. The New capital enterprises is the Government approved recruitment agency that deals with every field of life. We have recruited many people to all countries especially in the Middle East and North America.

We have a record of all the recruitments and provide our clients with comfortable jobs in all countries. Our agency has a specific team that deals with this growing field of business. The main focus of this team is to find the proper jobs and recruit people on these jobs.

Our team consists of the best Oil and Gas Recruitment in Pakistan. The New capital enterprises is one of those agencies that have awarded with prizes from the Government on our sincere work. We are placed among the top-ranked agencies that provide oil and gas services in Pakistan.

We provide reasonable jobs to our clients just according to the feasibility of the client. The main requirement, we demand, is the skill power that a client should have. Our agency is recruiting manpower for different posts related to oil and gas.

Our agency also provides training sessions for oil and gas recruiters for their future reliability. Because of all such features, we have worked with almost all the popular companies in the Middle East. These are the main reasons that we stand with the best international recruitment agencies.

Petroleum Engineers. Employment of petroleum engineers is projected to grow 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.